How Hospitality started for me – how you can learn from my experience

I finished high school barely three months before finding myself on a plane  traveling straight to the United Kingdom in the shape of England – were I worked in many areas of hospitality and as this was the first of many countries to work in the Hospitality you would be better off knowing what I have already learned with all my past experiences.

I started my path along a hospitality career at the age of 19 years and likely have gained more work experience firsthand than anyone having to study it outside of the hospitality realm.

The main areas I have experience in:

  1.  Kitchen Porter/ Stewarding
  2.  Housekeeping
  3. Waiter
  4. Luggage Porter / baggage Porter/ bellman
  5. Chauffeur /Driver
  6. Driver/ Outside catering / Airport Representative
  7. Concierge Agent
  8. Sales Coordinator hospitality

Learn more about Hospitality and other positions:

I have a combined Hospitality industry experience record of more than 9 years of my life in many areas of hospitality and customer service.

My Experience in the Hospitality Industry is by a humble degree, appropriate for teaching and guiding.