About Divan Erasmus

My Name Is Divan (pronounced Dee-fan)

Full Name:Divan Erasmus,

Nick names: King size,Hakkinen,krimmel, DE (recently Captain D.E.)

Born a Christian child, now an earthy one at heart.
(If you are a Muslim then “as-salam alaykum”)

About Me: The Short Version

  • I was Born In South Africa,
  • I am a Caucasian male with Dutch ancestral origin (yes I speak a variation of Dutch & German),
  • I Worked and lived in several countries around the world,
  • My work involved Hospitality mainly,
  • I like making my Own Poetry, Literature, Verses and Quotes. I believe it is poetry you can judge, as my quotes are seen on my Quotes website.
  • I love designing webpages and sites,
  • I created The 6 Parts of SEO for Website success (SEO stands for the search engine optimization)
  • My Interests are mainly Creating websites and SEO, Music (listening or creating) and also Art and Graphic designing. See My Designs Webpage
  • I love sports like formula 1, Rugby even Poker.
  • I have 9 years experience in the hospitality industry so feel free to judge me on my friendliness also feel free to see what I know by visiting My Hospitality Industry page.
  • Yes I use a lot of I s here to explain more about myself to you, seems I like to be me (Lol).

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About Me: The Longer Version

I am a Caucasian Male born in Southern Africa, with ancestral roots from Dutch and German ancestors.

I was born in the Capital of South Africa, the City of Pretoria.

completed my start and tertiary education also in Pretoria and received my Matric Accreditation in 2003. Three months after graduating High School, I immediately traveled to England and started to work for numerous companies, agencies and even stores. Also keep in mind that I was not joined for my journey to the United Kingdom and I however quickly and forcefully learn as I proceeded in taking care of myself and being independent in foreign country(s).

Learned the hard way about life that is not always fair and that not everything is as it seems at my first judgment. I have been blessed to have been exposed to many cultures and nationalities that have crossed paths with me ever since I journeyed into the unknown and I am happy to tell you I continue to reach superior worldly wisdom money cannot afford. Today Time still continues to be my teacher and a very sadistic and sometimes savagely cruel when teaching me about the many life realities that luckily will come and will go.

I have completed a web designing course while I was working full time in the hospitality industry overseas in 2009, I love Art, I like sketching and I am very confident in designing computer graphic on a pc. I have started the art of designing webpage since before I finishes High school and have created a allot of webpages today(online or still in my backup folders).

My niche is Search Engine Optimization where I have created a whole website dedicated to Search Engine optimization or SEO for short.(SEO is mainly about making your website user-friendly and search engine friendly – If I have to explain SEO in short.)

If you want to see my SEO website or just learn more about SEO then here is my link: SEO on DivanErasmus.COM.

I Created the SIX PART OF SEO (the Search Engine Optimization System) and making your website a success so if you are interested please have a look I promise I will make SEO easy for you to understand :).

I have been making my own self-proclaimed poetry.Well it is sort of poetry to me anyway you can judge my poetry and even comment on it,my quotes are seen on my Quotes website. Just click here for My Quotes Page to see them for yourself.

Also lastly I would like to add that I have 7 years in the hospitality industry so feel free to judge me on how welcome I make u feel, that is something I have been working on for a long time now with my hospitality experience. I worked in a number of countries like England and the United Arab Emirates so I have worldly experience as some will call it. if you want to see my hospitality experience please feel free to visit my Hospitality Industry Career page

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My Interest:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Online Optimization (SEO)
  • Music (creating or just listening)
  • Tech junky (a little one)
  • Speed (Have u ever driven a car at 240Km/h- with one hand on the wheel? Please dont do it its very dangerious )
  • Traveling (from time to time)
  • Learning foreign swear words (LOL)
  • Socializing face to face with foreigners, understanding cultures better,
  • “More to this list could be added from time to time”

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Sport Interest:

  1. Formula 1
  2. Rugby (I would replace this today with custom builds on YT)
  3. MotoGP/Superbike racing
  4. Tennis (played)
  5. Online Sports also are known as Online Competitive games (no longer viable)
  6. Maybe football/Soccer (if it is a good match, dislike their pretentious crying)
  7. Amature Poker player (started 2012)

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Question and Answers for Me:

Q: Divan name one thing you would do if you could rule the world or even galaxy?

A: I would remove all borders, so everyone will operate together to truly become united for the purpose of working towards real united-ness not planting seeds of restrictions and dividedness.(Strange that many call themselves United but irony is they have borders and barriers set up).

Q: Divan if you could choose to make us trust and believe in one thing what would it be?

A: Difficult to give a short answer, but l would encourage everyone to be able to question with the intent of figuring it out for one self. To explain this simply is to Question everything with the purpose of learning more about it. Yes I mean everything that you can think of, if you decide all by yourself that something is good or if something is bad, then you are practicing your freedom in its purest form. This also gives more power to freewill.

Q: What do you believe has the most POWER AND INFLUENCE on us, and what would you do differently?

A: Very good question, have you noticed the people that get millions of social followers and are highly regarded are musicians and entertainers? Well if I was a very popular musician or entertainer with that kind of social power I would make sure my creations have nothing to do with money, sexing and good looks and more to do with PEACE, LOVE for Earth and fellow humanity and ultimately fostering UNDERSTANDING! We start to learn to question why we instinctively fear what we do not understand and stop hating what we do not fully comprehend. (Entertainers and more importantly their music or video creations must enlighten, not just make a hole in their pockets for the sake of advertising false perfection)

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What you didn not know about South Africa.

South African quick facts:

A South African Doctor: Dr. Christiaan Barnard was the first ever Doctor to successfully do a heart transplant procedure in the world. This heart transplant happened in Cape Town – at the Groote Schuur Hospital in South Africa on 3 December 1967. He is the leading pioneer in this field.

The last Three Scuderia Ferrari formula One Driver Champions are Kimi RaikKonen (2007), Michael Shumacher (2000-2004) and the South African – “Jody Scheckter” in (1979), After Jody Scheckter won the Formula 1 Drivers Championship in 1979 for Ferrari, it then took Ferrari almost more than 20 years to finally find a driver to help them win again.

South Africas government and hierarchy all began by Dutch-German pioneers. Before 1994 the only regime that ruled South Africa was all Caucasian and European leaders in decent. The First Black South African president was elected for the First time on 1994 and his name is Nelson Mandela,

Oh and Elon Musk is a Born South African … please try to disprove these facts if you must. However, I do not feel I should have any allegiance or restrict myself to something so easily corrupted as a Country or Government when I truly see a future where the whole planet will unironically become united against its own extinction.

Here Caucasians are normally referred to as Voor trekkers, (means journeyers)

South Africa: Then and now.

Old Southern flag

Old Southern Pound money 

New Southern flag

New Southern Money

The Main languages of South Africa is English & Afrikaans (Afrikaans is a Dutch-German pioneered language)

Caucasians call South Africa Zuid Afrika that is why the South African internet address end with a www.name.CO.ZA not .CO.SA . (Zuid is of course he German spelling for South).

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Countries I Have Worked And Visited:

  • England (2 year Working VISA)
  • Bahrain (3+ years)
  • Qatar (1& Half years)
  • U.A.E (1+ years )
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Kenya (Stop over)
  • Egypt (Stop over)
  • This list is always expanding as we speak

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My Knowledge And Experience:

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Languages I Speak And Others Language Knowledge And Experiences:

  • English (verbal & writing)
  • Afrikaans (mix of 70% Dutch- 10% German- 20%new Lang) – verbal & writing
  • Thai language (only verbal-few words)
  • Arabic language (only verbal-few words)
  • Indian language (only verbal-few words)
  • Nepal language (only verbal-few words)
  • German (verbal real basic sentences)
  • Philippine (only verbal-few words)
  • Indonesian (only verbal-few words)

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Cultures And Nationalities I Encountered Firsthand:

  • British
  • American
  • German
  • French
  • Bahraini
  • Emirati
  • Australian
  • Russian
  • Qatari
  • Egyptian
  • Lebanon
  • South African
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Singaporean
  • Thai
  • Ukrainian
  • Moroccan
  • Macedonian
  • Indonesian
  • Seychellois
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Costa Rican
  • Argentinian
  • Spanish
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Philippine
  • Cambodian
  • Myanmar
  • Indian
  • Bangladeshi
  • Pakistani
  • Jordanian
  • Tunisian
  • Nepali
  • Syrian
  • More to come…

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My own quotes and paragraph passages, verses and poetry


“Why can you understand as you get the things you want? But the thing is you dont get …you dont understand!”

by Divan Erasmus


“Moved from my overseas occupation to an entrant destination…new country combined with a new fictitiousness. Boomeranging my behaviour, like the nature that I forget I am…this is my disregard for my nagging weakness…we all know it, its in the course of our breeze. “

by Divan Erasmus

Paragraph passage:

I would be lying if I said I was not in Strenuous struggle when choosing my true melody our hidden rhythm …when communicating to the veracity within me (every you) I have understood that saying farewell is always the master plan in any Journey? Its not me to disappoint you again, it has become our purpose!

Don not blow what little life span we have left on interrogation…the shape is not its true form!

Once again this is completely irrelevant, but this is… the shape is not its true form!

by Divan Erasmus


You are shed from earths spit of sweaty salt water, shaping the form of the shells you now occupy, Having all capacity to destroy that which you did not create, ever continually building your own acclivity to realize nothing what you come from but what you are communicated to trust.

Communication is human-made* so it will have no complex phenomenon with our genetic nature, as we stand forever divided by our creations even in continuum we realize nothing.

by Divan Erasmus

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