Qatar – Where to Look for work & hospitalitycareer opportunities in Qatar

Posted on January 1, 2010 by Divan Erasmus

Qatar Hospitality Industry & Hotels Career Opportunities

What you should know about working in Qatar hotels

& where to look for hospitality opportunities & hotel work in Qatar :

The State of Qatar (Country)

Main attractions that brings visitors continuously to the UAE is the following but not limited to this list alone:

  1. Unlike Bahrain and the U.A.E , Qatar does not host a The Formula 1 Grand Prix, however Qatar has The Moto GP happening annually, during the Month of April , is possibly the only main attraction for Qatar(an expensive time and expect high rates for hotels)
  2. In my opinion having lived here for 1 year and a half (2010- 2011)-The only likely reason many get attracted to Qatar is fact that Qatar Airways has very reasonable  flight fairs connecting flights  all over the world . Most of these Flights conveniently connect through Qatar and frequently these Overlay or connecting flights unfortunately results in an unexpected overnight Stay in Qatar. Lucky for most Qatar Airways clients,  Qatar Airways have (not made official) Contracts with many Doha Hotels to cope with this arguably unfortunate events and influx.(probably just a theory but could have something to do with why Qatar’s GDP is so high)
  3. Qatar has a very Conservative and restricted life style because of the religious practices of the Qatar Authorities on westerners visiting or living here. (It is a very unforgiving and constrained country in its way of handling and general employment practices)in other words: Qatar should be one of your last choices if you want to find a country to live and work in when in the Arabic gulf (Persian gulf).
  4. There are Desert adventures and excursions in Qatar however the nearest Sand Dunes is +- 50 km (+-31 miles) all the way at the Bottom of Qatar and the Saudi Arabian Border (location name is Khor al Adaid –meaning “Inland Sea”.
  5. The City’s Modern Architecture and buildings is likely not an attraction for tourist before they travel to Qatar but does seem picture perfect from the other side of the Corniche of Doha’s sea side. (note: The city skyscraper area, Aka downtown, is very much incomplete and is relatively of an insignificant size).

Qatar warnings:

These warnings are aimed at nonpublic & public areas, outside of Hotel Premises.

  1. Qatar is a Very, very conservative Muslim country you would need practice extreme caution for their rules & religious practices.  (I personally would not believe an expat will have the best possible experience as an Expats in the gulf of Arabia when making a living in Qatar)
  1. Heavy religious restrictions apply and in all of the cases the governments Authorities are constantly monitoring the populace closely.
  2.  Completely avoid showing any skin when wearing clotting or dresses as government Authorities could easily hold and question you.
  3. In  Qatar will need a liquor license to buy liquor at a shop and you will not find liquor at the local mall (never walk around in public with exposed liquor)
  4. Do not practice over Sensual Public affection as mentioned the government Authorities could easily hold and question you.
  5. Summer Temperatures in Qatar as with its neighboring countries over exceed Western summer season maximums.
    1. Prepare for temperatures that will reach 50 degrees Celsius = 122 degrees Fahrenheit
    2. Do not expect to have a lovely stroll (walk) outside in the Peak of the Arabian Summer time.

Qatartop hotels (Doha is the only City and capital of Qatar) Places to start looking for hospitality career opportunities in Qatar

Ritz Carlton Doha (Resort)

Grand Hyatt Doha (Resort)

Four seasons Hotel Doha (hotel)

Ritz Carlton Sharq village & Spa (Resort)

W Doha Hotel

Kempinski Residences & Suites Doha (Hotel)

Movenpick Tower & Suites Doha (hotel)

Sheraton Doha (hotel)

Intercontinental Doha (hotel)

The St Regis Doha (hotel)

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