Part 6 – Measure, Maintain & Improve as you check your SEO website – 6 of 6 Parts of SEO – Step 5 of 5 – Steps to building SEO


This is Part 6, Measure, maintain & Improve as you check your SEO website – this the other secret ingredient for SEO next to Keywords

  • Final Step 5 of building SEO

How to make sure your SEO is performing the best it possibly can?

Steps 5
Steps 5

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Measuring and maintaining your SEO:

  • First of all test your website regularly and ensure your links and website functions are working properly.
  • You need to find out if your SEO plan & system is succeeding or failing.
  • Measure business outcomes and make changes to improve the results as per your goals.
  • You would need to receive data about your website and what is happening with every visit.

First step:

Get the right tool t to measure your website and to get the data you need.

Use analytic options to measure how your website is performing:

  • There are 4 tools you can choose from to use in order to measure and generate Website data to see if your goals are being accomplished.
  • In The Proven Meduim this is clearly shown.
  • Note: Invest time and recourses into making sure your analytics is setup and configured correctly and recording data accurately.

Second Step:

Define your objectives (business or other) and Key Performance Indicators, (KPI’s) and set it up accordingly.

Important to establish SEO – specific KPI’s to measure:

  • One of the things you should measure is your organic search traffic over time (monthly or yearly).
  • Measure what Target keyword you best rank for to see how well your researched keywords are performing.

Now you need to measure the visitors when they are using your website

Measure if the the traffic you generate succeed in the goals you have for your website (business or other goals).

If you are running an E-commerce website you should focus on these factors :

  • Revenue
  • Average order values
  • Transactional data

Even if you don’t sell items online you still have many things to track and a list of these important factors to track is in the Proven Medium.

Improving and Measuring your SEO is very important and it is a Cycle that involves these three parts:

These three part have a critical meaning to measuring and maintaining your website and your SEO. Please see the Proven Medium as it is already well described and explained.

Measuring Keywords performance

Important place to start is measuring what keywords bring visitors to your website. And you will see the Tools that will give this important information.

Make sure to measure all data on keywords specific measurements on your website.

  • What Tools should you link to each other to gain further information on your website’s performance in Search results,
  • Focus on the impressions and click through rates.
  • You will learn what you should be doing if you are in the search engine pages but do not receive any clicks.
  • It is important to measure what happens after you have put in work to rank on search engines then important still to measure what happens on your website.

Measuring your links

Remember to Measure your links and how well your efforts are performing.

You can use two tools to measure this performance and further your results on data:

  • Use the tools mentioned in the Proven Medium to see your own links and also what links opportunities your competitors have that you can use.
  • Check domain Authority and get more quality links to increase our authority score.(view Proven Medium).
  • You could even find opportunities of guest authorship and guest content for your website.
  • You should get information on how much your links have grown since you launched your website.
  • These tools will help you measure your progress and help you to improve your link building .

Measuring Social media

  • Search engines do use Social signals to measure rankings .
  • Use a tool mentioned in The Proven Medium to measure Social sharing:
  • It is vital to be a part of the social networks and this Tool show you how well you are performing here.

It measures eight social media signals:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn, Stumble-upon, Digg, Google plus and Pinterest.
  • You will see data on what Social media sites you are most active on and what social media sites you can work on.

The Proven Medium Below will show you what you need to know about Measuring, Maintaining and Improving your Website & SEO.

The Proven Medium

Have you seen : Part 5 on Building Backlinks for SEO already?

If you are finished with PART 6 you have Completed The 6 Parts Of SEO,

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