Part 5 – Building backlinks for website SEO – The 6 Parts of SEO – Step 4 of Steps to building SEO


This is Part 5 Building Backlinks – this the other secret ingredient for SEO next to Keywords

  • Step 4 of building SEO

What is backlinks for SEO ?

Steps 4
Steps 4

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Understanding Importance of link building:

  • Search engines crawl every website or links.
  • Another Very Important part of SEO is links.
  • Links are normally displayed as a blue underlined text that you can click on.
  • For every link you have coming to your website, the more links you have the better, but be careful who has a link to your site.
  • You can have Millions of links and it won’t matter as the links and the websites they are coming from need to be high quality them self’s, never use spam websites to get links from.
  • Search engines check if link are relevant for the website linking to you.
  • Examples and Important content is given in the Proven Medium.
  • There are many other things to focus on before you make a link and it is important to to know what they are as seen in the Proven Medium.
  • Very Important: if you buy links and use spammy methods your website will most likely be penalized and not shown in rankings, be very careful.
  • Have good keywords and build quality content around those key words is one important part, but earning backlinks to your website proves how trust worthy your website is.

Focus on Internal linking first:

  • Linking to pages on your own website is very important part many forget to focus on.
  • We call it internal linking and is also important
  • It helps search engines understand the structure of your website
  • There are two different internal linking types
    1. Navigational links
    2. Contextual links

Link building:

  • Submit your Website to Web Directories.
  • Be care full to who you submit your website to.
  • Use the yahoo Directory – Https://
  • Also try trusted industry specific directories and listing websites.

Generate content you want websites to link to:

  • You need quality content to get willing links
  • Sometimes quality content attracts links easily
  • You can get people by using specific Websites to show your content

Take part in Social Media

  • Add social sharing buttons on your website.
  • Also use your influence on the networks you are present in and get links .
  • Don’t follow the Bad way of doing link building.
  • Avoid trying to “out smart” the system of search engines.
  • Do not risk your website never being found on Search engines by paying companies that do 100 links to websites for a price.
  • Use common sense when trying not to hurt your SEO.
  • Many things have changed with search engines but link to your website still remain important.

Where to look for Link opportunities

And how do you look for Link opportunities… The Proven Medium will explain this.

Use Google:

How to use Google to find the best link building opportunities…

Use The Backlink TOOL: (mentioned in the Proven Medium)

  • Tool to measure website backlinks.
  • Practice guest blogging on your website and other websites.
  • What back- links to look at that will greatly improve your authority over other websites?
  • Boost your relevancy with specific content.
  • What important factor you have to build on to reach your audience better.
  • Let us show you how! As all is mentioned in The Proven Meduim and how you can take advantage of more quality backlinks by process of evaluation.

Maintaining your Link building plan:

There are three specific tools you will need to use to: manage, Organize and measure your backlinks performance as it will give you the edge at maintaining your good quality link building plan.

This is what these tools will do for you as they are clearly mentioned and explained in this Proven Medium.

  • Use the link manager for organizing your links.
  • Add the websites you reach out to.
  • Also add the links you have already generated, to keep track of each website you have gained links from.
  • You can add contact information and even description of your links to easily categorize them.
  • Use the tools mentioned to keep your link building organized and track your progress.
  • Use these tools To see if you have gained authority on your website links and see your results.
  • this tool will show you how strong your back links are in certain periods of time.
  • You can also see your backlinks gained overtime and compare your backlinks to competition websites.

Remember all of these processes and tools are needed to keep moving forward while growing and building your high quality links over time.

The Proven Medium below will show you what you need to know about Building Links and how to build and maintain and organizing your link builing plan.

The Proven Medium

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