Part 4 – Create Quality SEO Content – The 6 Parts of SEO – Step 3 of Steps to building SEO


This is Part 4 Create Quality SEO Content

  • Step 3 of building SEO
Steps 3
Steps 3

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How to get quality SEO content ?

  1. Who are the people we want visiting our site?
  2. What roles do they play in an organization?
  3. Use the tool: mentioned in the Proven Meduim to find all of this out.
  4. What topics do you base your content on?
  5. *All of this needs to be done while implementing SEO keyword research and incorporating that with your targeted content.
  6. *Also use Google insights to see trends and what is popular.
  7. Define your topics to the users you target.
  8. Match your topics to popularity of searches.

Continues… There are many more areas mentioned and given in the Proven Medium with detailed examples.

You would also need to focus on an editorial calendar:

Understand who you are writing for what you are writing about and what style you are writing in,

You will be sectioning foundations of thoughtful, unique and relevant content that will wow human readers and search engines.

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Divan Erasmus from SEO.DivanErasmus.Com -How to create Quality Content for your website and to switch on SEO- How to get Quality content from Divan Erasmus

This Proven Medium seen below , it has important examples and points to focus on.

The Proven Medium

Have you seen Part 3 on What is Keywords research for SEO and Tools to use already?

If you are finished with PART 4 ,

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