Part 3 – what is keyword Research for SEO – The 6 Parts of SEO – Step 2 of Steps to building SEO


This is Part 3 What is Keywords Research for SEO

-Step 2 of building SEO

How to get keywords for SEO ?

Steps 2
Steps 2

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Key Words Research

  • Find the right keywords for your website.
  • What is the Importance of a Keyword research plan.
  • Keywords are words typed into search engines also known as search terms.
  • Search engines will display relevant content based on everything they know about a search term.
  • You need to spell it out for the search engines in order for them to display results on your search keywords.
  • We need to know what people type into search engines and this is known as keyword research.
  • Key word research is one of the important parts of SEO and is critical to your SEO efforts.

Keyword research is defined by four areas:

  1. The Actual keywords
  2. How many times the keyword is searched
  3. If the keywords exactly fit your website (business or content- does it explain your content accurately?)
  4. How competitive is the keywords?

Example: if you use a keyword TV the competition is very high and isn’t specific to what is exactly needed. You can better use 32inch flat screen TV as this is specific if your content is about a 32inch flat screen TV. (Don’t use single competitive words unless it is your new creation that people will use)

It is important to have an organized system in place to research the most relevant with your keyword research you will get data you need to use as one keyword will work better than others for your specific content.

You need to collect and analyze data on keywords to choose the best one for you- you can use my spread sheet to organize you SEO better.

Download Keyword-tool spreadsheet

Download Keyword tool

Keyword research guide

  1. Brainstorm by asking the questions given in the Proven Medium,
  2. Evaluate search volume,
  3. Categorize your content to each keyword

Each person searches differently and the more data you find and explore the more you will know about your visitor, put yourself in the place of a person who searches.

Keywords Tools

Google keyword Tools are used the most, it also has the best amount of data.

Use these keywords tools to understand what people type into search engines as keyword research is a very very … important part of SEO. Continue with the Six Parts of SEO to learn the Other crucial part of SEO.

The Proven Medium below will show you what you need to know about, what is Keywords for SEO and Keywords tools.

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