Part 2 – Having an SEO strategy – The 6 Parts of SEO – Step 1 of Steps to building SEO


This is Part 2 Having an SEO strategy Plan

This is also Step 1 of 5 Steps to Building SEO

Steps 1
Steps 1

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What do you need to start an Seo plan?

You would need to define your goals and objectives:

  • Ask yourself what do you what your website to achieve ?

Examples to guide you is given in the Proven Medium

You would need to learn and understand your key audiences and their needs:

  • find out who they are and what tools can you use?
  • What you need to know will be explained further in the Proven Medium

What and who you should consider involving in order to reach your goals:

  • Get the right work flowing for specific areas of your website

Focusing on online reputation:

  • What you should be aware of .

Define your procedures:

  • What procedures you need and everything involved
  • What relationships are worth having and what are beneficial connections for your website direction.

The Important thing to note about having an SEO strategy is to following a process to take a look at your own objectives and to define your own success.

It is important to view the Proven Medium below to understand this Part of SEO:

This is the first Step of 5 Steps to building SEO

The Proven Medium

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