Part 1 – What is SEO & How to do SEO – The 6 Parts of SEO

THE SIX PARTS of SEO This is Part 1 – what is SEO & How to do SEO

Discover SEO and let us show you how to Switch On SEO today:

How big is search today & why are libraries more empty than ever before (why is that)?

  • People Search daily, hourly, and every minute of every second on internet for what they want.

How search engines operate and what makes them important?

  • Search engines like Google, link billions of visitors to websites and content all around the world on the internet.

Why is it important to know about SEO you ask?

  • Everything we do start with a search, what we do most on the internet is search and Search is the gateway of internet, it is not good enough to be online your services and websites need to be found.

This is Why SEO is so important

These are the main points we will focus on in this first part as you would need to understand SEO in order to implement SEO better.

These are the three parts that, if combined, will give you greater results.

  • what is SEO?
  • Why use SEO?
  • How to do SEO?

You have 5 steps to follow when doing SEO for your Website

Steps to Building SEO:

  1. Step-1: Have a strategy (SEO Plan
  2. Step-2: Research Keywords relevant to your content
  3. Step-3: Create high quality content with the keywords you research
  4. Step-4: Build backlinks to your website by having the best relevant website’s link to you
  5. Step-5: Make sure your website is running smoothly , check your SEO, measure, implemented & Improve it

The Proven Medium will give you the best possible head start to doing SEO:

In Part 2 the first Step will follow on the Steps to Building SEO

The Proven Medium

THE 6 Parts Of SEO playlist

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