How to setup your Google Analytics for your search site function

Today we will setup our Google Analytics to see what people search for on our own website using our own search site function to collect important data.

How many times have you wondered what people are really looking for and what content is most searched for on your very own website? You can setup your Google Analytics to see exactly what your visitors are searching for when they use your on page website search function.

I truly hope you know why it is important to use a service like Google Analytics and if you still do not know why you need to get data on your website , please first see my final PART SIX of the Complete 6 Parts of SEO as I hope you will start in understanding the importance of Measuring and Improving your website. As always this guide is made for you to help you in making your website a success as much as you possibly can.

The success of a website depends on how much reliable data you have to choose the improvements to your website. Don’t have a Google Analytic’s Account ? Please see this quick guide first on “How to Setup your Google Analytic Account“. Insure you have a Google analytics account before you try to complete this Guide on how to setup your Google Analytics to collect data on your website search function . Maybe you are still wondering if you want to have a Google Analytics account but you need to find out why ?!

Then please see the Last PART Number SIX of the Six Parts of SEO . The importance of Analytics is explained. My last request to you is if you want to know everything about website success in 6 easy to follow Parts then follow this here: The Six parts of SEO and website success . These parts have 5 easy steps you need to follow to make the give your website a very powerful advantage to make your website as successful as possible . The link to the Six parts of website success is this link: Six Parts of SEO. Now if you are ready, Let’s continue with this guide on how to setup Google Analytics for your website search function

Quick Explanations of on page Search :

  • A short version of explaining on page search is a function on your own website that can be used to find the content on your website .If you do not have a search function then please feel free to use the free service by Google called Custom Search Engine.

  • By setting up your Google Analytics to get data on what your visitors search for you can accurately make the right decisions to bring content that your visitors will be more interested in. You can also see if your content that is found with your on page search function is quality content that your visitors enjoy or not.

  • Quick recap: As mentioned in PART SIX- of Measure, Improve & Maintain you should follow the three continuing steps known as Measure->Take Action->Learn and start the cycle again to build a successful website. If you are unsure what this means please go to PART 6 so I can show you.

Let us Start

Quick note Before you start is that you would need a Google Analytic account to follow this guide:

  • Recap: Get your Google Analytics Account and if you do not know how to get a Google Analytic Account, please let me show you here on “A Quick guide to setup your Google Analytics Account Now“

Step 1:

As always you would First need to sign in to your Google Analytic account, click on the link below:

You will see similar page looking like the image directly below and click on “Sign In”:

Step 1
Step 1

Step 2:

1.After you clicked on “Sign in” you will see this page below to log in:

step 2
step 2

2.After have “logged in” you will see the main Google Analytic Account page similar to the below image and select the “All Website Data” on your website:

step 2.1
step 2.1

After you clicked on the “All Website Data” of your website you will see the below image screen and continue to click on “Admin”:

step 2.2
step 2.2

Step 3:

1. After you have clicked on the “Admin” button, you will see many options. Now select the “View Settings” tab (seen below),

step 3
step 3

2.Once you have selected the “View Settings” section on your admin panel you will see the the View Settings page as seen below:

step 3.1
step 3.1

Step 4:

1. After finishing step3 above you are now on the “View Settings” page example above.

2. Now scroll down till you see the “Site Search Settings” Section on the View settings page as seen below.

step 4
step 4

Step 5:

1.Before we complete the steps on the “Site Search Settings” seen above in step4, we first need to see what is our site search “Query Parameter”.

2. For this example I will show you how I found the site search “Query Parameter” of Yahoo search so you can find out what is your website search “Query Parameter” ,

3. I searched for “Divan Erasmus” on Yahoo and I found out that yahoo search “Query Parameter” is the single letter “P” in the URL as seen below:

step 5
step 5

Step 6:

Now that we know how to get the “Query Parameter” of our own website search we can continue to add this “Query Parameter” in our “View Settings” page under the Site Search Section as seen below:

1.Now lets complete the Site Search Settings by first selecting the “Do Track Site Search ” tab (radio button) ,

2. Now enter your unique “Query Parameter” in the text area below as in my Yahoo example step 5 it is “P“,

3. After entering your “Query Parameter” go ahead and select the “strip query parameter out of URL” tab (radio button) seen below,

4) Finally click on the Apply button below to active the site search function in your Google Analytics:

step 6
step 6

It is Important to make sure you copy the “Query Parameter” from your own website search function only, if you cannot find it on your own website please consult a webmaster or comment below for help,

Final Step:

You completed setting up your Site Search in Google Analytics in Step 6 but now we will see where to find the Site Search data in our Google Ananlytics by clicking on the “Reporting” button at the top.

step 7
step 7

1. Now we need to navigate down to content by selecting the “Content” tab as seen in below example image,

2. Select the “Site search” tab to open the data overview tab.

3. To see the data on your Site Search you will now need to select the “Overview” tab and all the data will show on the left as seen below:

step 7.1
step 7.1

You have now successfully completed this guide of “How to setup Google Analytics to show data on your website Site Search function”.

Always keep in mind that this setup will only start recording data from the date you successfully set it up correctly.Give time for visitors to use your site search function before seeing data.

Quick reminder :It is Important to make sure you copy the “Query Parameter” from your own website search function only, if you cannot find it on your own website please consult a webmaster or comment below for help,

You have allot of valuable data to collect from your Site Search function and what you choose to do with that data will give you an added chance of creating a successful page.

Want more information and support?

  1. Please see Google’s Analytic support page
  2. Here is a link to another Google Support blog page : //2648487?hl=en
  3. To ensure that your Analytics records data correctly you need to set it up to measure accurately.
  4. Google Analytic gives you valuable data on and information on visitors to your website . Dis data should be used to measure your site and Improve it further.

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