How to block unwanted backlinks that link to your website – disavow bad or spammy links

Google calls it “Disavow Links”, this is the process of almost manually blocking links from spammy or bad websites that link to you.

Backlinks and any form of links from good websites to your website is very important, but what about the links you don’t want ?

This is your guide to show you how to block any website you don’t want to link to you.

Google lunched a tool called the “disavow link” tool? This is a part of Google Webmaster tools and was officially lunched in October 2012.

let me quickly explain why you would want to block some links from websites that point to your website.

In my Six parts of SEO and website success , we have covered “PART 5- Step 4 – building Backlinks “ . This is the part where I showed you how to get backlinks to your website as it is really very important to building a successful website.

  • One of the important things I mentioned in PART 5 of my SIX parts is getting high ranking pages with good authority to link to your website and also to be careful what websites you want linking to your website and never pay websites that has no relation to your content for links.
  • If A website links to you and it is a spammy website or it somehow damages the credibility of your website when they link to you then you can block that website as Google search pays close attention to websites linking to your website and monitors your incoming links. (you can also choose to remove a link because you don’t want the a specific website to link to you
  • Also note that you should consider Blocking links from websites when your Google Webmaster tools warn you of “unnatural links”. Unnatural links can be anything from paid links or link schemes that Google Search disagrees with.

Let us Start

Quick note Before you start do Disavow or block links from websites:

Please make 100% percent sure that the websites you are blocking are is truly bad for your website and you dont want to be associated with them or the links they give you. Remember that if you remove a strong link from a good ranking website you could also loose a good ranking with Google search engine results.

Step 1:

First Open a Google Webmaster account and then go to the Disavow page below.

You should see a page that looks like the image directly below :

step 1
step 1

Step 2:

1.Now you will need to select your website in the list next to the disavow button, example of list seen here below:

step 1.1
step 1.1

2.After selecting your website , now you can go ahead and click on the Disavow button on the right of the list. Please see the image below as an example:

step 2
step 2

Step 3:

1.After you have completed the above step 2, you will see another Page that will look like the image directly below, just read the notice from Google and click on the “Disavow link” again…

step 3
step 3

Step 4:

1.After you have finished with the above step 3, you will see the final page to blocking and disavowing website linking to you . The example of the page you will see is below:

Now click on the “Choose file” button and select your “.txt” file with the website or domains you want to block.(a notepad file will work fine, example of file is given here)

step 4
step 4

1.Here is my example of what your file will look like before you upload it, feel free to copy my example file by clicking on the image below.

Please note: the # HASH tags before sentences are only notes and the websites you want to be blocked should have no # hash tags before it.

step 4.1
step 4.1

3.Now select the file you want want to upload and click on the “submit” button below the “Choose File” button and Google will review and make final decision on disavowing and blocking the unwanted links.

step 4.2
step 4.2

Final Step:

To Finish the process of the Disavow link, you can click on the “DONE” button next to the “Submit” button and I am now happy to say that you have just successfully disavowed unwnted links to your website .

Please keep in mind that even if any website can still show links to your website,this process is meant for Google to see that you disavowed that website and the results should be better for your website especially when disavowing spammy websites.

Want more information?

  1. Please see Google’s disavow link support page
  2. Here is the link to Google Support page:
  3. Disavow should not be used if you are unsure what websites you want to disavow.
  4. This is for website owners or admins or staff that want to take control and monitor the links to the website concerned website.

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