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Posted on August 10, 2004 by Divan Erasmus

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Third area of Experience

The not always waiting responsibilities of a waiter in Hospitality- the Job of Waiters

Next or the “third experience “ as the heading says, I was introduced to the difficult task of being a “Waiter” in England with Silver service training and extravagant British functions of all kinds (weddings, ball’s, breakfast functions , even room service)

Worked in so many hotels and areas of waiter-ing that the thing I can still remember very well about it is that you never for get to use a service cloth(waiter cloth) or a bottle opener. As they were your tools of mass distraction.(if you did forget the waiter cloth your fingers will surely burn off as you are assigned to serve hot plates straight from hell’s kitchen (pun intended).

Gordon Ramsey is British , and as I am working in Brittan , life wasn’t going to become any easier with the chefs that through those boiling dishes your way , this was the time that I understood the Kitchen manners of hotels. The kind of manners your mama would never be proud of ever.

I would like to say, only when the chefs realize they don’t want to take orders or deal with lack of waiter staff do you sometimes see light in a otherwise dark F&B habit.

But I never complained at all the free snacks or beverages.

How to do the job

How to do the job of a Waiter

How to be a Waiter – responsibilities

Updated June 2013

Food & Beverage – Waiter / Waitress
As Per Rotana Hotel Company

As a Waiter / Waitress you are responsible to provide professional service to our guests, ensuring their restaurant visit will become a memorable dining experience whereby your role will include key responsibilities such as:

• Perform all necessary tasks to service food & beverage according to the standard of performance manual of the hotel
• Greet and seat customers and serve them in a professional, discreet and personalized way
• Acquire in depth knowledge of the food & beverage menu of the assigned outlet in order to assist and provide advice to guests
• Consistently monitor quality of food & beverage being served
• Practice good customer relations and attend to customer complaints / queries satisfactorily
• Responsible for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness standards in the outlet and upkeep of all service equipment
• Responsible for all service preparations before, during and after the service (mis-en-place & mis-en-scene)
• Ensure minimum wastage, breakage and spoilage
• Actively use up selling techniques to exceed guest expectations and increase revenue


Education, Qualifications & Experiences

You should ideally have a diploma / degree in hospitality or a vocational training in food & beverage with previous experiences as a Waiter / Waitress in a high volume restaurant. A good command of English and additional skills, like guest service and interpersonal are essentials.

Knowledge & Competencies

The ideal candidate will be hands-on with a true passion for people and service along with a positive and pleasant attitude. You will thrive working in a busy environment and stay calm under pressure, have attention to details and should possess following competencies:

Understanding the Job
Taking Responsibility
Recognizing Differences
Customer Focus

This job posting description is to help you understand How to be a Waiter – responsibilities

Where to look for this Job

Where to look for this Job :

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