Fifth Experience – How to be a Valet parker – Driver – Chauffeur – responsibilities


Fifth area of Experience – being a Valet parker / Driver / Chauffeur

Posted on July 15, 2006 by Divan Erasmus

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Fifth Area of Experience

Being behind the wheel of Hospitality – being a Bellman / Valet Parker/ Driver/ Chauffeur

How to be a Valet parker – Driver – Chauffeur – responsibilities

My fifth experience has to be one of my most favorite hospitality experiences to date: this was of course being behind the wheel of it (literally). This is when I got a contract to work in a new country and a new company.

My employment was due to my previous experience and somehow the porter / bellmen job made me stick out to fill their opening. The location is Bahrain, introduced to me … and strongly qualified in my book as the “Party Island” of Arabia. Don’t believe me ask the younger adult generation of Saudi Nationals, they flee their country every weekend for it.


Well what can I say more about this place , Desert , Desert and more Desert . The most interesting thing about the Idea of staying on a desert Island is that you still expect beaches and bikinis somewhere in the mix. Not really something you should get your hopes up in this place, but still it is better compared to the U. A. E when looking at practicing western freedom.(yes you heard correctly even Dubai is more conservative and restricted for Western Cultures than this Arabian gem.

There I was surrounded by what is known as Desert, but ironically not a single sand dune in sight. Smack in the middle of nothingness is a Resort so exclusive that staying there would mean a hefty amount of the ordinary man’s budget or in most cases a group effort.

So what did I do ? Well I searched and learned how a guy like me could to get myself a driver’s license here. (It should be noted that after my UK experience I got my national driver license for the first time)

Still wet behind the ears of driving a car and I find myself at a the licensing offices not sure of I would need a translator to be understood or not. Luckily English was something even the locals practiced and I found myself and my nerdish Id photo on a course to become self-mobile.

After my company found this out I was no longer a mere porter / bellmen and soon found myself being a chauffeur behind the wheel of luxury cars your Dad would have wished his company car could magically transform into.
To continue this sudden shift of responsibilities and seeing that our business didn’t come from your average Jo, someone was going to have to park these high society vehicles not many have seen nor operated. I am talking about your Maserati’s, Austin Martins, Bentleys, Rolls Royce’s , Lambos and my cliché favorite the one and only: the red blooded Ferrari. This was where I gained experience in the field of Valet parking and greatly enjoyed it. (by the way a Porsche wasn’t considered as a worthy candidate for this list-a very true statement in this time of my life)

These cars where expected and I was never disappointed to valet them and see what made their engine purr. In between the Porter / bellmen responsibilities and Valet service, not for getting the job of Chauffeur as it had to fulfilled, duties was simple clean the car and make sure all amenities and newspapers where replenished before collection.

Then you would either drop off a guest or pick up the guest from any location or a usual airport arrival pick up would be requested. Dropping of a guest at the Airport was usually my favorite as you would have the car all to yourself once the guess was safely dropped at their destination. This means some special alone time with your baby (even if these cars where regularly swapped of other luxury models), we the chauffeurs somehow had a connection with them.

Now you surely already know my highlights and now I would briefly explain the challenges I faced, after a while driving becomes a danger for yourself and others as you are pushed to your limit during peak times and busy periods of hotel s time lines and with minimum rest or some cases dinner breaks things could end up becoming ugly soon. There is relatively no excuse as to why the job can’t be done when your colleagues are floating in the same situation.

Also note that during this time I had more than one undocumented obligation and it is again a testament to how far staff will be utilized and in this case exploited.

Make no mistake about it every hotel operates more or less along these identical faultiness.

The compensation at this point is a nonguaranteed tip or “at its very most” a year end bonus (pray you work long enough to receive it).

There is one other duty I will include with this country. (I will keep it for last)


How to do the job

How to do the job of a Valet Parker

How to be a Valet parker – Driver – Chauffeur – responsibilities

Updated June 2013

Front Office – Valet Parker
As per Rotana Company

As a Valet Parker you are responsible to park and return guest cars in an appropriate manner whereby your role will include key responsibilities such as:

•Ensure guests are greeted upon arrival, tickets are given promptly and cars are parked
•Ensure that cars are delivered within 5 minutes upon guest request
•Maintain an up to date knowledge of the hotel services and respond to guest queries
•Ensure effective handover is done upon duty start, gaining information from earlier shift colleagues
•Make control tours at the main door ensuring that cleanliness is at maximum level
•Forward all guest complaints or problems to Superiors
•Maintain and safeguard all guest car keys and record every car parked
•Establish and maintain good public relations with guests while meeting or exceeding their expectations
•Ensure that airport / crew transportation flow is maintained effectively if applicable
•Treat all clients and colleagues in a polite and courteous manner at all times
•Give complete cooperation to any client or colleague requiring assistance in a prompt, caring and helpful manner
•Be aware of the UAE driving regulations and abide by them


Education, Qualifications & Experiences

You should ideally have previous experiences in a similar position within the hospitality field. You must also have good command in both written and spoken English and need to be a holder of a valid country Driving License.

Knowledge & Competencies

The ideal candidate will be a well presented, young minded individual with an outgoing and friendly attitude. You are an extremely proactive and ‘switched on’ person and with an approachable nature. You are reliable and a safe driver, who stays calm under pressure and should possess following additional competencies:

Understanding the Job
Taking Responsibility
Recognizing Differences
Customer Focus
Customer Focus

This Job post serves as a guide on How to be a Valet parker – Driver – Chauffeur – responsibilities

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