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Posted on October 30, 2004 by Divan Erasmus

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Fourth Area of Experience

The honor of carrying your luggage in Hospitality -being a luggage Porter / bell boy/ bell hop/ hotel porter

How to be a luggage porter – bell boy – bell hop – hotel porter – responsibilities

The fourth area of my journey on this road of hospitality is where I was given a position of general duties in a very small hotel called The thistle Hotel that would afford one person unlimited number of responsibilities.

(This is probably my first encounter of being introduced to the hotels & resorts enforcing multiple responsibilities outside of a contract agreement, if you experience this then welcome to the hospitality industry as this is normal in the hotel & hospitality industry)

To continue: This is where I was introduced and reintroduced in some aspects to Room Service and waitron duties, setting up and preparation of meetings and functions, and ultimately being a Porter / bellmen.

It would be no surprise to you that being a porter / bellmen wasn’t one of my favorite duties ever as I should inform you of the small issue this very old hotel faced. It did not have any elevators or service areas to ease the job of carrying kilograms or pounds of weight at once.

In some cases the 2 levels to climb wasn’t strenuous enough when making your way struggling to your promised land, only to find out that the guest room was moved elsewhere and in need of their luggage urgently. This is where you hope and softly pray that they are not located in the vicinity where you will be greeted with another set of stairs on the far end of the hotel.

The best points of this experience for me was being able to make myself believe I was building muscles out of my skinny bones and making a tip or two here and there for some retail therapy afterwards.

I would never forget that one night, after completing my duty, how good a pint of fosters tasted when I was late to meet a buddy after work at the local pub. (It has to be noted that I missed my dinner brake again because of another large group of individuals checking in at the best possible times).

Luckily this town was small and easy to navigate, if walking was your only means of trustworthy transportation that is. (I did stay a reasonable walking distance outside the actual town center, which didn’t help my own cause)


How to do the job

How to do the job of a luggage porter / bell boy

How to be a luggage porter – bell boy – bell hop – hotel porter – responsibilities

Updated June 2013

Front Office – Bellboy

As per Rotana Hotels company

As a Bellboy you are responsible to provide professional and customer focused service to our guests, ensuring their stay will become a memorable experience and your role will include key responsibilities such as:

• Receive guests in a professional and friendly manner, exceeding guest expectation from arrival through to departure
• Maintain effective communication with all related departments to ensure smooth service delivery
• Maintain an up to date knowledge of the hotel and local services
• Maintain awareness of guest profile through Opera guest profile system
• Ensure that the guest luggage is carried from arrival point to room and from room to departure point on check out
• Handle all messages, mail and packages for guests and employees, ensuring they are delivered at the appropriate time in a professional manner
• Deliver morning newspapers to rooms
• Deliver guest messages and other deliveries immediately without delay in a professional manner
• Ensure concierge desk and store room is clean tidy and well organized


Education, Qualifications & Experiences

You should ideally have a diploma in hospitality or a vocational training in the concierge section within a hotel. Good English communication skills along with strong interpersonal abilities are essentials.

Knowledge & Competencies

The ideal candidate will be customer driven with a courteous, helpful, proactive and ‘switched on’ personality and a dynamic and approachable character. You must be physically fit, passionate and with a positive attitude, while possessing following additional competencies:

Understanding the Job
Taking Responsibility
Recognizing Differences
Customer Focus
Customer Focus

Where to look for this Job

Where to look for this Job :

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