First area of Experience – Starting off as a KitchenPorter/ Kitchen steward


Posted on March 26, 2004 by Divan Erasmus

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First area of Experience

Commencing my journey into Hospitality- Starting as a Kitchen Porter/ kitchen steward

Welcome to Rain and more rain, welcome to England.

I have to admit I am the most thankful of having this rewarding experience on my resume and the most diverse experience of my life’s journey so far with many many culture to experience and learn from. As a personal note this is where “I” the little boy I once was set a course to finding his big meaning in live.

Also note I required no prior Hospitality Experience or Studies to enter the industry from the bottom so to speak.

Let me continue with my first ever experience of hospitality as it started as a Kitchen porter in England in a huge Hotel outside Stratford-upon-Avon. Seeing as I am working for an agency, there would be no guarantees that I will ever have to do this messy job again. Well it seems I did do it for other hotels too for a little stin, I hope you will keep this messy business that I was in between you and me. If you where wondering the other term for Kitchen Porter is kitchen stewarding as the term Kitchen Porter is mainly used in England.

This is surely a job that no one wants to be remembered for or to remember in general for that matter.

However even as the most qualified person can tell you, sometimes you need to start from the bottom and get your hands dirty.

What I liked about this area of my experience is, and if I have to force myself to find anything to say about it is that I am qualified in some areas of the kitchen most don’t want to have experience.

However it was good tl learn of of the areas of a kitchen and what kind of kitchen tool are used as i was given the task to maintain that neatly.

How to do the job of a Kitchen Porter/ Kitchen steward

Stewarding – Kitchen Steward
As Per Rotana Hotel Company
Food & Beverage Department

As part of the team, some of the key responsibilities will include:

•Clean food processing facilities, storage rooms, walk in fridge’s, kitchen utensils, immediate corridors and holding areas as well as the operation equipment
•Work in close cooperation with all kitchen and service employees
•Work as per duty schedule and shifts
•Perform all stewarding tasks as per given instructions
•Ensure minimum wastage, breakage and spoilage


Education, Qualifications & Experiences

You should ideally have a vocational training in food & beverage with previous experiences as a Kitchen Steward. Command of English is essential.

Knowledge & Competencies

The ideal candidate will be a hands-on, hardworking and committed individual with the capability to adapt easily. You will thrive working in a busy environment and stay calm and focused under pressure, have attention to details and should possess following competencies:

Understanding the job
Taking Responsibility
Recognising Differences
Customer Focus

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