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Posted on February 20, 2004 by Divan Erasmus

England Hospitality Industry & Hotels Career Opportunities

What you should know about working in England hotels

Where to look for hospitality opportunities & hotel work in England :

United Kingdom-England (Country)

Main attractions that brings visitors continuously to wet and mostly rainy weather of England is the following but not limited to this list alone:

  1. England is very vast and highly populated and a great number of areas are left to anyone who seek it out.
  2. The Modern Architecture of London’s Skyscrapers is not the main attraction for many travelers that have come to visit England for. England’s rich history has become the main source of unforgettable stories of medieval times with fortresses and Castles. These countless historical elements of fact and sometimes fiction with true ingredients have the world’s undeniable attention. (namely King Author and his Camelot kingdom)
  3. Even though The British Formula 1 Grand Prix happens annually, during the Month of June and hotels rates do increase. It would be highly untrue to say that Formula 1 brings in more visitors than the historical value and attraction of England itself. Interesting fact will be that many Formula 1 factories & headquarters are located in Europe and specifically in England.
  4. England has Rock stars, pop stars and the very real & existing influence of Hollywood Stars living here. Many visit the concerts and red carpet events just to get a peek at the actors & or musicians in real life.
  5. The Country has a distinct and overwhelming Royal history and ever preset Monarchism as Queen Elizabeth II is on every tip of every British pride with A “God Save the Queen” to bring you to the reality of the British Empire.
  6. Others to mention to make a point is William Shakespeare, Guy Fawkes, 007, John Lennon, Sir Isaac Newton, Are you a music lover? You should not overlook that the band Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles and even the Spice girls all come from England. Let’s not forget football about David Beckham.

England warnings:

  1. Personally I cannot for some reason think of anything that you should be concerned about when traveling to England or even making a living here. It is very open and free minded with many different cultures and religions being practiced here openly and freely while respecting each other’s views at the same time.
    1. One note would be to prepare for the very cold during the winter seasons and rainy weather expected throughout the whole year.
    2. Guess what I just thought of a warning that would be of great use if you were never aware of it. Unfortunately because of a country with a very broad and free minded approach the rules that exist some time have an adverse effect on uncaring Parent as their little kids , especially boys become somewhat more than trouble makes and more like menaces to society. You will easily walk on the street and notice while a 12 year old kid is taking a smoke on a public street he is vividly telling you what he things of you.
    3. Petty crimes do occur and it is up to you to check your pockets and keep your valuables save. It is also to benefit of your own personal security not to walk alone in the middle of the night in dangerous secluded areas or to make contact with suspicious individuals.
  1. Summer Temperatures are beautifully pleasant and greenery is exhibited everywhere after all the rain has cleared.
    1. Winters are long and mostly freezing cold with lots of go without saying,  rainy weather being reported and expected all over England.

What Hotels to Work For in England in the town of Stratford – Upon -Avon:

I myself have only ever worked in Stratford upon Avon and as this is the Birth place & resting place of William Shakespeare. Keep in mind that it is still however a very small little town in the heart of England, I will give you the best places to work here as of my first hand Staffing Agency and hotel Contracted experiences and what you can expect from England.

I would love to have worked in all the areas of England but it simply is too vast and immensely populated with many familiar destinations like London City to really know where the sweats spots are as I believe Stratford Upon Avon has become my sweat spot.

Stratford -Upon-Avon top hotels

(Stratford Upon Avon is a small town known for William Shakespeare snuggled within the Warwickshire Region of England’s West Midlands)

Arden Coat Manor Hotel (hotel)

Stratford victoria hotel (Hotel)

Thistle Hotel (Hotel)

Hilton Warwick (hotel)

Ettington Park Hotel

Moat House (Hotel)

London top hotels (London is the capital of England)

45 Park Lane London (hotel)

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London (Hotel)

The Goring  London (Hotel)

One Aldwych London (Hotel)

The Connaught London (Hotel)

Birmingham top hotels (Birmingham is the Second Largest City in England)

Hyatt Regency Birmingham (Hotel)

Stay Cool at the Rotunda (Hotel)

Premier Inn Birmingham (Hotel)

Hotel La Tour (Hotel)

Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham Brindleplace (Hotel)

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