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My Name Is Divan (pronounced Dee-fan)

Full Name:Divan Erasmus,

Short Version About Me :

  • I was Born In South Africa,
  • I am a Caucasian male with Dutch ancestral origin (yes I speak a variation of Dutch & German),
  • I Worked and lived in several countries around the world,
  • My work involved Hospitality mainly,
  • I like making my Own Poetry, Literature, Verses and Quotes. I believe it is poetry you can judge, as my quotes are seen on my Quotes website.
  • I love designing: Art, 3D modeling, graphics, webpages and sites and more
  • I created The 6 Parts of SEO for Website success (SEO stands for the search engine optimization)
  • My Interests are mainly hospitality, Creating & Designing, Music (listening or creating), I like to think I am a Nerd Gamer that likes Graphic designing mostly. See My Designs Webpage
  • I love sports like formula 1, Rugby even Poker.
  • I have 9 years of experience in the hospitality industry so feel free to judge me and see what I know by visiting My Hospitality Industry page.
  • Yes I use a lot of I s here to explain more about myself to you, seems I like to be me (Lol).

Want the long version ?

About Me: The Long Version

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Feel free to drop me a message hopefully you wont spam me, please dont. (I will follow back if you mention it in a message)

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