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Posted on June 23, 2006 by Divan Erasmus

What you should know about working in Bahrian hotels

Where to look for hospitality opportunities & hotel work in Bahrain :

The Kingdom of Bahrain (Country)

Main attractions that brings visitors continuously to the UAE is the following but not limited to this list alone:

  1. The Formula 1 Grand Prix happening annually, during the Month of March-April , is possibly the only main attraction for Bahrain (expensive time and high rates for hotels)
  2. In my opinion having lived here for 3 years (2007- 2010)-The best Attraction for this Middle Eastern location has to be the very open-mindedness and less conservative and restricted life style and practices of the Bahrain Authorities on westerners visiting or living here.
  3. Unfortunately not much Desert adventures and excursions occur in Bahrain as this Desert Island and its landscapes consist of absolutely no Sand Dunes.
  4. Next – This is likely not a consideration for tourist before they travel to The Kingdom of Bahrain but The Modern Architecture and buildings of Manama City does make visitors stare in wonder.

Bahrain warnings:

These warnings are mostly aimed at public areas and outside of Hotel Premises.

  1. Be aware of the political unrest between the Sunni government ant the majority Shia population.(an Example of this is the uprising of the Shia against the Sunni government on 14 February 2011 in Bahrain)
  2. Bahrain is Less  conservative than other Arabian Muslim countries however respect Muslim religious practices as much as possible .(This Desert Island has notoriously been dubbed the Party Island of Arabia and would be the best place to start of as an Expats in the gulf of Arabia)
  1. The same religious restrictions do apply however the likely hood is still great for any expat to undermine and be unburdened by these restrictions. (Nevertheless do so wisely and at your own risk)
  2.  Try not to wear over sexy clotting or dresses as you might only have to be told off (explained not to) by non-government Authorities.
  3.  You might not find liquor at the local mall , however unlike the neighbors of Bahrain like: U.A.E., Qatar  you do not need a liquor license to buy liquor and that means you only need to find out where these shops are hidden on this small island ( Quick note is not  to walk around in public with exposed liquor)
  4. Over Sensual Public affection could be a no-no however as mentioned you might only have to be told off (explained not to) by non-government Authorities.
  1. Just as in The U.A.E  the Summer Temperatures in The Bahrain over exceed Western summer season maximums.
    1. Prepare for temperatures that will reach 50 degrees Celsius = 122 degrees Fahrenheit
    2. Do not expect to have a lovely stroll (walk) outside in the Peak of the Arabian Summer time.

Bahrain top hotels (Manama City is the capital of Bahrain)

Al Areen Palace resort & Spa (formerly the Banyan tree Al Areen Spa & resort)

Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa (Resort)

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Resort

Kempinski Hotel Bahrain City Center

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